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Who are we?

MPAY is an innovative service, allowing anyone with any type of mobile phone to make payments through their devices. Now all Albanians are able to use their mobile phones to pay their utility bills, topup their mobiles, check balances of their bank accounts and receive alerts of their utility invoices..

All over the world, the adoption of mobile payments is transforming how people interact with money. Our belief is that the wide usage of mobile devices, coupled with electronic money movement, will change the landscape of financial services in Albania.

The initiation of MPAY services is made available through the implementation of the latest, most customized technologies. MPAY cooperates with Bank and mobile operators in Albania to offer the highest standards and most secure transactions.


Thursday, 31 May 2011

Following a rigorous evaluation process and fulfilling all necessary legal, technical and commercial specifications M-Pay

For more information visit the Bank of Albania official website http://www.bankofalbania.org/web/Non_Bank_Entities_Register_5320_2.php?kc=0,8,1,2,0


At MPAY we have tasked ourselves with providing top-of-the-range mobile financial services, with the objective of satisfying the needs of our clients. We strive to remain avant-garde in the prediction of new market trends and gauging their impact for both our clients and the domestic market.


With the constant technological evolution we can provide mobile payment solutions, while having diverse targets in mind, which will eventually lead to a wider array of more sophisticated services. Our foundation lies on 4 core values:

Our Leadership

We aim to achieve the leadership position in the market based on knowledge of technical innovation and successful deployments. This knowledge ensures that our clients will always hit their target markets with the right offerings, appropriately packaged and effectively deployed.

Our Team

We have a strong background in the financial and telecommunication services industry and possess a global perspective and expertise, bringing forward innovative energy.

Our Technology

We are committed to providing the best in class technology taking full advantage of the unique characteristics of the mobile phone and the mobile user experience in order to provide a system equipped with the convenience, simplicity and ubiquity of mobile.

Our Partnerships

We operate an interoperable platform which allows all its partners to introduce new service offerings and create a new channel to interact with customers.