In every branch of bank partners

What is MPAY ?

Mobile payment

  • MPAY is the simplest way to make payments with your cell phone.
  • MPAY is free, without any registration fee, monthly or per transaction fee.
  • MPAY is connected to your mobile phone number and it can be used from any type of mobile phone, without any new configuration or internet connection.

How to Register ?

To register for the MPAY service is simple and quick. Everyone with a bank account can join for free.                                               Simply go to any branch of our bank partners and ask for the MPAY service.

BANKAT PARTNERE: Raiffaisen Bank and Societe Generale Albania

You are ready to use MPAY :

  • Enter in the MPAY menu by dialing #777#
  • Enter the one-time-PIN provided by your bank
  • Set your personal secure PIN code