Become a MPAY partner

Who are we?

MPAY is an innovative service, allowing anyone with any type of mobile phone to make payments through their devices. Now all Albanians are able to use their mobile phones to pay their utility bills, TopUp their mobiles, check balances of their bank accounts and receive alerts of their utility invoices.

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Benefits for companies:

Innovative payment channel for you customers – MPAY is an innovative and flexible solution giving the customer an addition payment channel and freedom to pay in an easy and secure way

Omnipresent – Customer can pay from anywhere inside and outside Albania, they can also pay their family and friends bills

Synchronous – MPAY can integrate with your billing system resulting in a synchronous payment network with leaner processes than multi-channel asynchronous networks, thus reducing payment processing costs and mistakes in payments

Security –Paying bills with MPAY is the most secure method for your company and for your customers. Transactions are cashless reducing scope of robbery, employee theft and corruption

These are some of the advantages of MPAY. You are welcomed to contact us to discuss further details on how to cooperate.