Frequent Asked Questions

Questions about the service:

How can I register for MPAY?

MPAY partners with banks to offer the service in a convenient and secure way. You can register in one of our bank partners (Raiffeisen Bank and Societe Generale Albania) with your mobile phone number. Registration is free and takes only 5 minutes.

In which banks can I get MPAY?

You can get MPAY in any branch of Raiffeisen Bank and Societe Generale Albania.

What mobile provider do I need for MPAY?

You can register with your Vodafone Albania, Telekom Albania or Eagle Mobile number, weather it is a prepaid or postpaid number.

How secure is MPAY?

MPAY partners with banks and mobile phone operators to offer the service in a convenient and secure way. Because the service is linked to your personal mobile phone number and further protected with your secure PIN code, it can be used only by you and only when you authorize it. Furthermore MPAY is licensed by the Bank of Albania making it the most secure way to pay.

How much does it cost?

MPAY is totally free. It’s free to register, there is no monthly fee and no commission for the transaction you make.

How long is the registration procedure?

The registration procedure is very quick. You just need to present to your personal banker the mobile number and current account you will use for MPAY and agree to the term and conditions. You will be handed instantly a secure Activation code which you can use to activate the service by entering in the MPAY menu.

Can I register with more than one bank account?

You can connect your MPAY account with only one current account in a certain bank. You are free to connect to other banks though.

Can i register in more than one bank?

Yes, you can have an MPAY account with more than one of our bank partners. In the MPAY menu you can choose the current account to use for the transaction.

Can i register with my foreign currency account?

MPAY can be connected only with current accounts in Lek.

I don’t have credit on my phone, can I still use MPAY?

You can access the service and make payments even if you don’t have credit in your mobile number, because payments are connected you your bank account only. You need to have enough funds in your bank account in order to make payments. Since calling #777# is free, you can access the menu even when you do not have credit in your mobile phone number.

I don’t have money in my bank account, can I still use MPAY?

Yes, you can still use MPAY but you will not be able to make any transactions if you don’t have a balance in your current account, or if you are not able to use the overdraft. You can register with more than one bank so you can have a backup current account.

Can I use MPAY in another country?

Yes, you can use your MPAY account anywhere in the world as long as your mobile phone is connected with a mobile network. And it’s still free except if your mobile provider informs otherwise.

I changed my number, can I still use MPAY?

Not automatically, you need to go to your bank and change the mobile number associated with your MPAY account. The procedure takes only a few minutes and it is free of charge

I am registered with more than one Bank, how can I choose my default account

Just enter in the MPAY menu by dialing #777# and go to “Account management” and then “Administer Bank Accounts”, then choose your default account.

I do not have a bank account, can I still register for MPAY?

No, to use MPAY and make transactions you need a current bank account.

Can I register with more than one phone number?

No, you can connect only one mobile phone number to your MPAY account.

I have changed my phone, can I still use MPAY?

Yes, MPAY works with every type of phone and it is connected only to your mobile phone number, so you can change phones and still use the MPAY service in the same way.

Is MPAY licensed for this service?

Yes MPAY is licensed by the Bank of Abania

How can I know more about MPAY?

You can go to the about us section of this webpage, check our Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin profiles or write us an email.

What happens with my MPAY account if I close the bank account?

To continue using MPAY you need to associate your account with at least one bank account.

How can I unsubscribe from MPAY?

You can unsubscribe from MPAY by going to the bank and ask to unsubscribe.

Do I need a smart Phone?

No, MPAY works with any type of phone.

Problems with Windows Phone?

Windows phone with an operating system of 7.5-7.9 versions cannot access #777# because of technical bugs related to the operating system and cannot access the MPAY service. This problem is not related to MPAY or its partners, if you have a Windows Phone with an operating system version 7.5-7.9 we suggest you update the operating system to Windows 8

Do I need to install software in my Phone?

NO, you don’t need to install any software or do any configuration. After registering just dial #777# to use the service.

Do I need an internet connection?

NO, to use MPAY you do not need an internet connection. To access the MPAY menu all you need is mobile coverage.

What if I port my number?

Porting your mobile phone number won”t affect your MPAY account as long as you are using one of our mobile network partners.

Questions about Bill Payment

What information do I need to pay a bill?

You will need just the bill number. After choosing bill payment and then the service you will be prompted to enter the bill number.

I don’t have the printed bill, can I still pay the bill?

Yes, all you need is the bill number that you want to pay.

I have received SMS Alert for a new bill but the printed bill hasn’t arrived yet. Can i pay the bill by replying to the SMS?

MPAY notifies you immediately after the new bill is ready to be paid. If you have received the SMS Alert you can pay the bill simply by replying to the SMS.

The bill belongs to another person, can I pay it?

Yes you can pay the bill of your friends and family. You will just need their bill number.

I need to send a verification for a bill payment, how can I get it for a bill paid through MPAY?

You can get a statement from your bank for every bill paid through MPAY. MPAY sends a confirmation SMS for every bill paid with all the payment details

Do i need to pay any fee for the transaction?

NO, every transaction is free of any charge. You will pay only the amount of the bill.

How long does it take for the transaction to be finished?

The transaction if finished instantly. In any case you will receive a confirmation by SMS when the transaction is finished.

Can I undo a processed Bill Paid?

Please contact your bank for any bill payment reversal.

Questions about Mobile TopUp

What is the difference between recharging with MPAY and recharging in the shop?

You will get the same value from the recharge as in any shop. MPAY gives the convenience to TopUp form anywhere at anytime.

Can I TOPUP other numbers? Do I need confirmation from the owner of the number?

Yes you can. You don’t need any confirmation. Just enter in the TopUp menu and choose the mobile company for the number that you want to topup, enter the number and amount you want to TopUp

Do I need to pay any extra fee for the TOPUP?

No you will not pay extra fees to TopUp.

Can I activate a Bundle from the MPAY menu?

Yes, you can activate the bundle you want directly from the menu, for all Vodafone numbers, after confirming your TopUp transaction and then select “1.Choose Bundle”. Choose the bundle you want from the list and confirm the activation. You can activate a bundle when you TopUp other numbers as well

How long does it take for the credit to be transferred?

TopUp amount is transferred instantly, you will get the confirmation from your mobile company right after you confirm the TopUp.

I am not in Albania, can I still TOPUP my phone or other phones?

Yes you can. MPAY can be used in any country outside Albania where you can use your phone.

What if the number is ported? Can I still TopUp?

Topping Up a ported number works the same as with un-ported numbers.

Questions about ‘DigitAlb’

What information do I need to buy a package?

To buy a package you only need the Smart Card Number. Register the Smart Card by choosing 6.Digitalb and then 1.Register new Smart Card and follow the steps. Your Smart Card will be registered and to buy a package just select the Smart Card and choose the product you want to buy from the list.

Can I register more than one Smart Card?

Yes. You can register up to 4 Smart Cards. In any case you can delete any existing Smart Card by choosing 2.Delete Smart Card

Why should I send my mobile number to Digitalb?

In order for Digitalb to send a confirmation SMS for the package activation they need your mobile number.

When can I buy Pop Corn Services?

Pop Corn Services can be used by buying the DigiPlay package from the MPAY menu. Soon you will be able to buy single events using the respective code or to TopUp your account from the Pop Corn menu in MPAY

Will I profit from promotional discount from Digitalb?

Yes you will profit from every promotional discounts that Digitalb will offer

Questions about SMS Alert

Can I register more than one contract for the same merchant?

Yes, you can register up to 5 contracts per merchant.

I am not the owner of the contract, can I still register its bills for SMS Alert? Do I need a confirmation?

Yes, you can register even for the contracts that you are not the owner. You will only need the number of the contract.

I have changed my number connected to my MPAY account, will I still get the Alerts?

Yes, you will still continue to receive the Alerts.

I have changed the default bank account connected to MPAY, will I still get the Alerts?

Yes, you will still continue to receive the Alerts. Only the bank account used for the payment will be changed.

Can I pay with SMS?

Yes, you just need to reply to the alert.

Does it cost more to pay by SMS?

No, paying by SMS doesn’t impose a commission. You will be charged only 10 LEK + VAT from your cell phone credit by your mobile network provider.

Questions about Security

I have lost my phone, can I temporarily block the service?

Yes, please contact your bank and ask them to temporarily block your service.

I have blocked the service, how do I unblock it?

You can go any moment to your nearest bank branch to unblock the service.

If someone is using my phone does it mean he can access my MPAY account?

MPAY is connected with your phone number and not the phone itself. Furthermore access is secured by your personal PIN code.

Is any information related to MPAY stored on the phone?

No information is stored on the phone. Furthermore any connection made when you enter the MPAY menu is encrypted and than disconnected when you close the menu.

I have entered incorrectly my PIN three times, how can I unblock the service?

Please go to the bank and ask to unblock the service and get a new PIN.

I have a very old phone, does it mean the service is less secure than on other phones?

MPAY has implemented security standards that do not depend on the specifications of the mobile phone used.

What is a strong PIN?

A strong PIN can be any random number that doesn’t associate with any particular date, licence plate, personal number etc. Also try to create a PIN code that is different from the one you use to open the phone.