10 000 MPAY Clients

3 July 2013

The MPAY journey started just under three months ago on the 10th of April 2013. Much to our delight and surprise 1000 clients rushed to the branches of bank partners and activated MPAY in the first week. Five weeks later, MPAY had attracted its first 5000 clients. Ever since, we have continued a steady growth of approximately 1000 clients per week. Today, we have reached a milestone, our first 10.000 clients. This has been positively surprising for all parties involved in the setup and continuous operation of MPAY.

We are humbled by the trust our partners have had in MPAY and there could be no better reward than the numbers of clients and transactions which increase considerably every day. We would like to thank everyone involved in the present success of MPAY both directly and indirectly, institutionally and personally. Our aim is to extend MPAY to cover as large a client and merchant base as possible. We will communicate the enlargement of our client base in due course.

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