20 000 MPAY Users

8 October 2013

It is again the time for MPAY to thank new users who have activated the service. This time we are celebrating the first 20.000 MPAY users, who have been so kind to have visited the branches of our bank partners Raiffeisen Bank and Societe Generale Albania to activate MPAY for FREE. It has now become customary for us to thank each and every one of our users who have joined us from the beginning and who are faithfully and consistently following and using this service. Furthermore, we would like to thank our clients for each of the 90.000 transactions they have performed over the course of the past month.

We have continuously promised that we would add new services to MPAY. We shall not disappoint! We have a new version of one of our existing TopUp service, where now you can TopUp up to 5000 Leke and activate any bundle, and before we celebrate our first 25.000 users (we grow extremely fast at MPAY) we will offer payment services for a new product which you all love very much and swear by it (a secret for the moment). So, do not forget this page and come take a look from time to time to find out what we have in store.