MPAY Announces 50.000 Clients

23 July 2014

MPAY celebrates again…15 months after the launch of the MPAY service, 50.000 clients have trusted and actively use it. We have done our best to hold true to the promise of adding new services, by offering for the first time in Albania, the possibility to pay electricity bills through mobile. The payment process lasts 5 – 15 seconds and NO COMMISSION is applicable, as usual. Two other services are underway and will be communicated in the weeks to come.

Furthermore, we have promised to extend the collaboration with other partner banks. Soon more on this.
As usual in such communications we cannot help but mention those who with their faith and collaboration made possible today’s celebration: our faithful partners ALBtelecom Albania and Vodafone Albania as well as bank partners Raiffeisen Bank and Societe Generale Albania.

Last, but by no means least important, 50.000 + thanks go to each and every one of our clients. Thank you for believing in us and rewarding us (by using the service for FREE) in all our attempts and efforts to bring you MPAY in its best form and capacity!!!